A Star Wars Theory

Jyn Erso + Rose Tico & The Last Jedi

This is a speculative post of very little consequence about the new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, and the origins of one of the ostensibly new key characters, Rose Tico. (I don’t know who Rey’s parents are)

I think Jyn Erso saved the life of a young Rose Tico in the film Rogue One.

While in Jedha City in search of Saw Gererra, Jyn and Cassian stumble upon a fight between Imperial Troopers hauling a shipment of Kyber Crystals, and a band of Saw Gererra’s rebel fighters. In the midst of the fight, a young girl with a distinct haircut is seen crying and in harms way. Jyn Erso rescues that child and delivers her to her mother (or some other care-taker).

The young girl’s haircut bears a striking resemblance to the distinctive haircut of the new integral character in The Last Jedi, Rose Tico.

Yes. This is mostly a theory based on a haircut. But that seems not too unreasonable given the intentionality of many of the details in the recent Star Wars films and the desire to weave connective threads throughout them.

After some internet sleuthing, other facts about Rose Tico and the Star Wars timeline confirm this theory’s feasibility:

  • Her official StarWars.com bio indicates: “Rose has hated the First Order since she was a child.” Certainly having her home occupied and pillaged by Imperial troops would instill an early hatred.
  • According to this timeline, the events of Rogue One took place in the year 0 BBY (what is BBY?) and The Force Awakens takes place in 34 BBY. The Last Jedi supposedly takes place just after The Force Awakens and the Rose Tico character appears to be roughly 30 years old.

The story of Star Wars is a story of interconnected and unlikely heroes with a propensity to reject the subtle tug of the dark side and embrace the Force. If Rose grew up in Jedha City, it’s likely she would have been exposed to the culture and teachings of those who follow the Force. Jedha City is also known as the Holy City and is home to the Temple of the Kyber. It is one of the more sacred cites for the Jedi Order and for those who follow the teaching of The Church of The Force. Perhaps it is Roses proximity to this sacred cites which makes her receptive to the light side, align with the Rebellion, and potentially play a critical role in The Last Jedi.

Now in order for to Rose and the young girl who Jyn Erso saved in Rogue One to be the same character, Rose would of had to escaped before Death Star blast that destroyed Jedha City. Perhaps, after being rescued by Jyn, she was captured by Imperial forces and taken captive on one of the Imperial ship’s which were evacuated before Jedha City’s destruction. Or perhaps just was outside the kill zone and witnessing the destruction of her city added to the trauma and hatred for the First Order. In order to have survived the blast, she would have needed to moved a significant distance away from the city. Saw Gererra’s fortress was destroyed by the blast and was some distance from the city’s walls.

That is my theory and this is the most important thing I’ve ever written.



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